The Fake Radiohead Song

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Many people did believe it for a while, come on, the vocals are so Thom Yorke that I would not blame anyone who bought it! Oh it is Bends/OK Computer era said some fans, Pablo Honey era said others. Most people on the Radiohead forum seemed to agree it was some old B-side which never came out. 

This was actually read on Radiohead message board:

‘Mind, if it is proved to be a hoax, I'm going to feel like an idiot and probably kill myself. But right now, a new Radiohead song from back before they took themselves too seriously is just the medicine I need.’ 

I hope this person is OK. 

Then you had the snob-I-know-better-than you declaring things like ‘Anyone who thinks this sounds like Thom is obviously not a proper Radiohead fan.' 

Nevertheless the falsetto was a really good placebo, and it worked for a few days creating a real internet buzz, until the real singer spoke up. His name is Christopher Stopa and he appeared on CNN on Friday morning to tell his story.  

The track, called ‘Sit Still’ is totally his but he has no idea who posted it! After reading an internet article mentioning a lost Radiohead’s track, he got interested and said this to CNN:

‘What started coming out my speakers sounded extremely familiar and after a couple seconds, well wait a second, this is my song. My first thought was to think somehow I had hit play on my iTunes […] And I was hearing my own demo’ 

So the guy didn’t even do this intentionally, he recorded this song in 2001 with his band of the time, Public, but has now moved on to become a baker. 

The song is still on Youtube (and called ‘Putting Ketchup in the Fridge/ How do you sit still’, wtf?) with more than 96,000 views and the head of Yorke on the screen. 

I wonder how long this Christopher Stopa will still be a baker,all this unexpected publicity has to give him the buzz again!

I have listened to his other tunes, and they all have some Radiohead-ish atmosphere going on. So if a random band that nobody has ever heard about, can compose songs which can fool at least 50% of the fans and 80%of the media, what does it mean for Radiohead?

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