The First Edition Of Solar Powered Sunstock Festival Starts Like A Riot

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The new 100% sun powered Sunstock Solar festival was a first in Los Angeles and it looked so great with bands as diverse as yOya, Gateway Drugs, Trapdoor Social, The Big Pink, The Allah-Las, Kaki King, Wavves and Cults. An eco-friendly, eco-minded festival to power an indie rock festival? Large solar panel in California? All this was making complete sense and I still wonder why people hadn’t thought about this sooner. The weather, as it is often the case in California, was perfect, very hot and very sunny with some clouds arriving around 6 pm but the solar batteries had plenty of time to recharge and power the festival till the wee hours. Yes, they ran a little late – Cults was still on stage close to 1 am – but since the festival was held in Griffith Park, next to the Autry museum, I suppose they didn’t have to care for a curfew.

For more than 8 hours, the great lawn had welcome all the green and no-waste businesses that exist in Los Angeles and I may soon install solar energy in my house after a day around all these convincing people. From green food trucks to animal equality and solar energy booths, it was a dream come true for the earth lover and environment warrior that I am, or I wish I were. But It was the idea of the young organizer Skylar Funk, member of the band Trapdoor Social (check out my Q&A with him here), and people, little by little, came to occupy the lawn to party with good pop-rock-punk. For just $20, it was the deal of the summer, just 3 days before the official solstice.

And party was the right term, the crowd listened to a large variety of bands with great enthusiasm and things got a bit out of control with punk band Wavves, people jumped over the barricades, invaded the photo pit like an human tsunami and photographers had only one escape: the stage! When I was running for my life, I saw a barricade hold by people at arm’s length, it was intense and wild, some real punk show if you have ever attended one, but the honeyed harmonies of Cults calmed down the crowd till the late hours.

It was an impressive and promising start for Sunstock Solar Festival, with all the art installations, the landscape looked like a mini-Coachella in the heart of Griffith Park. Let’s just hope they will repeat it next year,… with studier barricades?


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Gateway Drugs

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Trapdoor Social

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The Big Pink

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The Allah Las

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art installation

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Kaki King

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