The Flaming Lips Announce Collaboration With Bon Iver (And Others)

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I don’t know what the Flaming Lips were thinking when they got this idea, because I don’t see it working at all: Bon Iver is gonna to contribute to the upcoming Lips compilation, which will feature diverse other collaborations such as Death Cab For Cutie, Nick Cave, Ghostland Observatory.

I can see how a Nick Cave-Wayne Coyne co-written tune could be an interesting thing to discover, but Bon Iver? He is the antithesisof the Flaming Lips!  

First of all his music and forced auto-tuned falsetto are kind of boring, I know his album was nominated a million times for the Grammys, but I wonder how many times you can listen to Holocene in its entirety without yawning. Nothing really happens there, it’s dull and flat in a total unchallenging way, whereas there are so many things happening in a Flaming lips’ song that your head is spinning.  

Secondly, Justin Vernon wants us to believe he lives in a cabin in the woods whereas he hangs out with the rich and famous, the navel-observer rappers of the world. He is a fake, not indie at all, just pretends to be. Isn’t it what Wayne was mocking when he had these feuds with Beck, then with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler? Isn’t he tired of all this pompousness? We’ll see if this ends the same way with Bon Iver. 

Coyne also hopes to recruit Lykke Li and Ke$ha, and the compilation should be released for Record Store Day 2012, in April.

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