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All I’ve been listening to is The Front Bottoms.  I can’t get enough of their dynamic sound and ambient folk-rock vibe.  They did an NPR session, and I began watching it and got overwhelmed- there’s no way I can’t share this and obsess over it.  The four tunes are chilling in their own right, but live and acoustic, they’re even more stunning and makes me even more stoked to see them live.

“Au Revoir” is the first tune.  It’s also the opening track on their latest album, “Talon of the Hawk”.  “You know what I think’s really sad?  I know how really sad you are,” is the opening line.  This is quite a way to start anything; it’s a harsh and sharp song, and seeing Bryan Sella sing it is a different experience than just listening to the studio version.  His face and emotions remind me of the same heartbreaking performance quality that Oberst has, which is probably why I’m so hooked.

The next song was, “I Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It”- the sound is so gentle and perfect, and the vocals and trumpet go together so well.  His voice is stunning and the harmonies are beautiful; this band just has an immense amount of talent.  “There is someone out there just like me probably keeping to themselves,” is another one of their brilliant one-liners, and that’s not it.  “Our love is a dangerous game, one that I am definitely losing but I cannot walk away” also sticks out.

My favorite song in the performance is “The Feud”.  It has a harder feel and this performance of it is even better than the original.  “He is the sound you want now and I am just the noise you don’t” breaks my heart every time I hear it.  It’s one of the many painful parts of the song.  Sella’s voice is flawless and the trumpet adds a nice touch.  It’s a masterpiece.

Definitely worth a watch.  Catch ’em if they’re coming near you.

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