The Hi Hat Will Celebrate The Life Of Emery Becker, Beloved Music Photographer, Who Was Killed On Sunday

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Emery Becker


I barely knew him but looking at the amount of homages pouring from the Facebook and Instagram pages I have been able to see, Emery Becker was truly loved in the music community of Los Angeles. Emery died on the I 5 freeway early Sunday morning, due to the irresponsibility of two drivers.

He was first hit by a car which immediately fled the scene, but if Emery survived this first accident, he was hit a second time by Alexandra Silva, who was arrested for manslaughter and driving under influence. Emery was pronounced dead shortly after. According to some witness, the first driver was probably drunk too, it was the night of Saint Patrick’s day and there are a lot of them on the road that crazy night.

I didn’t really know Emery, but I remember seeing him around, he was a photographer documenting the buoyant indie LA scene as I do, and he was very often at the Hi Hat. I remember seeing him for the Buttertones over there and also for Girlschool at the Bootleg, and even though we barely exchanged a word, I still see his bright smile… And when you smile like this to a stranger you are a good person.

It’s very hard to accept the death of someone, especially when this someone is only 25 with such a good heart. Why do horrible things like these happen to good people? In these moments, we always question our relationship with the universe or the gods if we believe in any, and we are brutally reminded that the universe is pure chaos, and that the world we are living in rarely makes any sense or cares about anyone’s life. I would not even call the universe cruel, because that would suppose it has some rationality and intention. This is not the case, it is chaotic, lawless and completely blind. On Sunday morning, Emery did not escape the chaos, he was at the bad place at the wrong time, caught between 2 drunk drivers and he was the innocent victim who lost the lottery of life.

There is no way to understand such a loss and none of what happened can’t be justified. It just happened, and if the laws of physics do not care about the life of a vulnerable motorcycle on the freeway during a drunken day, these two drivers, these two irresponsible human beings, have to live with this terrible crime till the end of their lives.

But there are many people who will remember Emery and his generous smile. The Hi Hat is going to remember him on March 28th, the Highland Park venue has set up a commemorative event, asking for any artist’s participation:

‘We gather as a community in the wake of the great loss that is Emery Becker. Emery was hit by a hit & run driver and subsequently killed on 3/18/18 by a following drunk driver. We welcome anyone and everyone to celebrate his life in whatever capacity that fits you best. If you would like to participate as an artist, please contact us directly with subject “Emery’s Memory”:

I am sure that a lot of artists who have paid homage to Emery will be there.


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