‘The Icarus Line Must Die’ Screened At Highland Park Independent Film Festival On October 6th

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I keep receiving invites about ‘The Icarus Line Must Die’, an independent movie directed by Michael Grodner, which was screened during the summer at Zebulon. I couldn’t attend at the time, but there will be another chance to see the movie in October during Highland Park Independent Film Festival.

The film follows Joe Cardamone, former frontman of the band The Icarus Line, ‘as he navigates his way through the ups and downs of the modern music landscape.’ So far, I have only seen the black and white trailer (below), which gave me an immediate urge to see the film despite the fact that it doesn’t even last one entire minute. The film has the look of a rock ’n’ roll thriller noir with Joe Cardamone doing his best Nick Cave-esque incarnation… I know I have a sort of obsession but I bet a lot of people will agree, and the funny thing is that this article of the Guardian compares him several times to Iggy Pop. As for director Grodner, he said in an interview he found inspiration in ‘Blank Generation’ with Richard Hell, and early Jim Jarmusch’s movies.

Besides Cardamone and his late band The Icarus Line, the movie features other interesting personalities of the LA music scene, such as Ariel Pink, Keith Morris (OFF! Black Flag, The Circle Jerks), together Pangea, Retox, Pink Mountaintops, Obliterations, Annie Hardy (Giant Drag)…

I can’t say I am familiar with the Icarus Line, the band which is the focus of the film, but their story is burdened with infamy while their music is ‘the most electrifying rock‘n’roll the 21st century has yet delivered’ according to the Guardian. Infamy and torturous paths always make a great storyline, and the Icarus Line has plenty of this: Guitarist Aaron North left the band in 2005 to join Nine Inch Nails before falling into mental illness, the band got dropped by their label at the peak of Cardamone’s drug addiction, to only cite a few tragic events.

The film explores Los Angeles underground music scene through the disastrous adventure of the freak out band, and that’s why you should check out ‘The Icarus Line Must Die’ at Highland Park Independent Film Festival.

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