The Jacksons' Lawsuit Against AEG May Reveal The Children's Paternity Records

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It’s always the same story with the Jacksons, they want to have it both ways! They are suing the concert promoter AEG for a humongous amount of money ($40 billion), on the basis they have lost money due to the fact that AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, who eventually killed the king of pop in 2009, but according to TMZ, they are asking for conditions: in particular, Katherine Jackson doesn’t want the jury to hear anything about the real biological parentage of the children!


Of course, it’s not totally relevant for this trial, which is supposed to start on April 2nd, but it is very telling about the family. They have always acted as if the kids were biologically his, which is highly improbable – any person, who has eyes, will tell you so – and of course they don’t want the naïve fans to discover the truth… And I have met tons of these fans ready to argue to death rather than admitting the obvious. Evidently, Katherine Jackson also wants to exclude any allusion to the child molestation stories, and avoid any mentioning of the siblings’ financial problems.


This is the problem with this family, there is a constant give-me-the-money attitude but none of their secret maneuverings should be looked into! And for people who still had doubt, this is the definitive proof that the kids aren’t Michael Jackson’s biological children.


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