The Jacksons Want AEG To Pay Them $40 Billion

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  Even when he is dead, the family is suing, this lawsuit culture is so rotten and out of control, and the Jacksons are teaching it to the children! According to many websites, which all got it from TMZ, Katherine Jackson and the King of pop’s three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket are suing AEG Live for $40 billion to make up for his lost future earnings after the series of concerts he'd scheduled were cancelled because he died! AEG was in charge of MJ’s ‘This Is It’ tour, but had also hired Dr Conrad Murray and made Jackson exhaustingly rehearse. In other words, the Jacksons are suing the concert promoter because they think it killed MJ.


Interestingly, AEG had denied hiring Murray during the trial, and it is now claiming that this record amount is ridiculous because of Jackson’s declining career. The Jacksons seem to draw this huge amount out of nowhere, wasn’t he in debt when he died? I read that he actually left a $500 million debt in 2009! His crazy lifestyle and expensive lawyers were not free you know. The debt has been paid off since but there is no way the king of pop was making this kind of money when he was still alive. I just hope Blanket revolts when he is older, almost on every picture I have seen, he has this I-am-not-drinking-your-kool-aid look, full of promises.



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