The Joy Of New Music

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The most excited i've ever been to get an album was this one, i was living in beirut and the civil was raging and I ordered it from a  record store and it took two weeks to arrive.. It cost be 50 Lira (around fifteen bucks but that was 1979) and the packaging was terrific and the album was pretty darn good as well. Armed Forces. Kinda apt, right?

I mention this because yesterday was Tuesday and I was scouring Itunes, my own "Sneak Peaks" column, and Spotify for new releases and saving them to my spotify and itunes accounts, putting together playlists so i can get a good feel of every album fast before getting down to tasks and it was a modified version of the way I felt when I picked up Armed Forces.

in the 80s I'd be down at Sounds every pay period Friday picking up new releases, or fighting with the other writers at East Village Eye for the freebies, in Saturday there was a place off Christopher that specialized in imports and I would be freaking out with every new Oasis EP. Just three years ago I'd sift through ITunes buying a song here and a song there every tuesday and now I am back to albums with Spotify.

I know people who hate Kindle because they like to hold books and hate Spotify because they don't own the albums themselves. Me? I think that's like hating the injection that gives you the medicine. I never much cared for distribution woes. it don't matter to me how i get it. And while the anticipation of actually waiting fo get Armed Forces is incomparable, the music remains the music. The phones in Beirut (the electricity as well come to think of it) were a little on the iffy side, so I walked down that afternoon to check if they had it in and nearly collapsed with excitement. i ran right home, recorded it onto a cassette tape, and drive my Austin Morris around the city listening full blast. Then later I went to a bar called "Uncle Sam" and the bartender played it all night long whole me and my friend Jean Jacques got trashed on Almaza beer and shots of Southern Comfort chain smoling Gauloise and Marlboro Reds, sometimes dosed with hashish. I was 23 years old.

And you'd think the days when I could remember buying an album would be long gone, but I remember buying the Monitor very well in 2010, synching it onto my IPOD before rushing to work…

The thrill of new music, it is why we are here!


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