The Killers "Go All The Way" Cover Reviewed

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Upon first listen I cringed.  Its an awful quality song and it sounds god awful.  Wait, this infamous song originally by The Raspberries is one of my all time favorites so I get a bit protective.

The tune is being used in the new film Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp.  So basically this is a film taken from a fabulous original with a soundtrack of copies of fabulous originals which means, ain't nothin new here. 

But step back from the muffle and you'll hear that Brandon Flowers sounds fantastic, the band is slammin and those high notes are perfect.  The song is not as glorious as the original, not even close.  "Go All The Way", is a fantastic cover song and it can potentially get newbies to listen to the original (which is out of this world)

Here is the cheesy home made youtube version but no worries I'm sure better quality is just clicks away.

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