The Killers Mohegan Sun Arena Thursday, July 21, 2016

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“Jenny Was A Friend of Mine”, “When We Were Young”, drum solo-lights flash cymbals crash crash crash…lights out… and up.

That’s how it ended and i start with that because rarely do I make it to the end of a gig these days. Now let’s say I stayed not because the show was so great but my seats were. As a matter of fact it’s a wonder I left at all

The Killers are basically Weezer without a sense of humor. They’re not as fun but they got a good hook. And they milk that like a farmer at 4am

They’re older and rounder, we’ll all but lead man Brandon Flowers who’s is elf like boy-charm still in tact- but lacking…but lacking what? Lacking energy.

The problem with The Killers as with most pop bands is after awhile-its all the same. I swear they played “Human” thirty times, but truth is there was a slight piano accompanied intro that lead into the hits… then ended with the tune in full band glory.

It has been four years since Battle Born. It shows. No new materials means hoping you can scrape up something not overplayed but making sure you hit the hits. The gratitude was odd for a band past prime acting as if they were brand new. An almost gasp of ‘hey they still like us!’ and like us they did. A chock full general admission pit fist pumped the lyrics like caffeinated aerobic instructors and the deafening roar of the sing alongers made Brandon’s job very easy.

The set list below shows what we got served and aside from a few deep knee bends and kneels the showmanship wasn’t there. The band was doing there job and smiling with one another so that’s always nice to see. But as for a live ‘show’ it was more of a giant sing a long.

Whats going on? Is there new material? Was this just a cash grabber? Does it really matter? It was great to see the band I loved so much all those years ago and it was wonderful to see what everyone has said. The Killers are better scripted than live. Their videos, their recorded work- fantastic. Their live show? Well, I crossed it off the bucket list. How about a B- for nostalgia

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