The Mavericks Visit Town Hall

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Have I ever told you about my fantasy – the one where I am dancing on stage at a sold out performance? No. Great, I’ll fill you in. Since this fantasy has not become a reality (yet) I reserve editing rights. I am dressed in a red swingy halter dress about mid-calf with a pair of neutral 4 inch heels (used to be red heels but I changed my mind). My sexy Spanish dance instructor (Antonio Bandera-ish) of three years is my dance partner (strictly professional, of course) and the venue is not a high school auditorium – picture Radio City Music Hall (I’ve never been to Carnegie Hall so …). Hey, it’s my fantasy! Anyway, I never got around to choosing the music until The Mavericks performance Friday night at Town Hall. Who wants to dance to a song that everyone has heard before? My song is Sinners and Saints.

Thanks to my friend Hugh, who gathered a group of ten (seven of whom I never met) for appetizers and drinks at the Lamb’s Club followed by The Mavericks at Town Hall in Manhattan. The Lambs is a professional theatrical club founded in London in 1868, adopted in America in 1874, so like-minded theater folk could socialize. The group is still active in Manhattan and has a presence near Rockefeller Center. Before becoming the Chatwal New York and The Lambs Club Restaurant and Bar it was home to the Lambs from 1905-1975 and designed by iconic architect Stanford White (also known for building summer homes for the Vanderbilt and Astor families and New York landmarks – Madison Square Garden and the New York Herald building).

The Town Hall’s beginning is equally interesting. Commissioned by The League of Political Education after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment – the right to vote regardless of gender. Its function has ranged as a meeting place for educational purposes, activists, controversial speakers, promotion of poetry and home of America’s Town Meeting of the Air, a radio show produced by NBC Blue Network from 1935-56 and of course, musical performance which many claimed rivaled the acoustics of Carnegie Hall (source: Wikipedia). The Town Hall’s mantra was “not a bad seat in the house”.

Before Wednesday, I had never heard of The Mavericks. Listened to their new album MONO, which is not a very good indicator of their style of music. Left me thinking they have an identity crisis but I am always game to see a live performance and it was great. The band was so cool to watch – the keyboardist dressed in a pink suit from head-to-toe (including a fedora) who never stopped moving, the electric guitarist dressed in red with dangerously pointy shoes reminded me of a bullfighter with his choreographed movements (guitar his muleta), the horns, bass and ever present accordion.

While I can’t say I loved the concert from start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed the more Latin inspired songs. Regardless whether I felt all the songs, there is no question that Raul Malo has an incredible voice. According to my sitter, Malo went to school with her dad (Cuban descent) and played gigs regularly for his Miami high school. Back to Sinners and Saints and my fantasy Flamenco. The opening mariachi’s trumpet joined by the acoustic guitar is so sexy, taunting – perfectly dramatic for my Spanish dance number with no lyrics for the first 2:11 of the 5:24 performance.


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