The Naive New Beaters at L’Autre Canal, Nancy, France – Friday October 7th 2016, Reviewed

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What was on the Naive New Beaters’s mind when they came on stage dressed with stained painting suits? I used to see them wearing colorful and artsy sweaters from the eighties but this time, for their second time at L’Autre Canal in Nancy, the members of the band chose to wear all the same “sober” overall twisted with glittery headbands and sparkling effects. An original way to clown around, start the show and introduce the band!

The Naive New Beaters produce swaying energetic dance music. They perform as a trio driven by the singer and troublemaker David Boring (his name is obviously an homage to Bowie) from California, Eurobelix (DJ with computer and machines) and Martin Luther BB King (guitar) both from France. They are known for their powerful and crazy scenic live performances, recently pimped up with a girl drummer and a second girl guitarist & keyboard player. With already two albums to their credit (“Wallace” in 2009 and “La Onda” in 2012) and after a world tour of more than 100 dates which led them to China, the French band celebrates today a new release, “A la Folie”, an album which abounds in numerous pop treasures with disco echos, electro music, hip-hop and rock.

The show they had prepared for that “Nancy Jazz Pulsations” festival night was like a trip on acid for the crowd mostly composed of teenagers and a bunch of 30-year-olds. Opening with “Break” from their last opus, they moved on with “Shit Happens” from “La Onda” and the famous “Live Good”, their first success of which the videoclip always reminded me of Michel Gondry’s movies (using DIY, cardboard, crafts, picture-in-picture technique and a lot of ingenuity) or OK Go’s videoclip style. Then they played several other songs from “A la Folie” punctuated with jokes and David Boring’s comments about the girls playing behind them.

At that time the girls left them alone for some old songs such as “Get Love” or “Can’t Choose” from their debut album but interpreted in a vintage way with a simple choreography and just a synth. They finally ended the performance with their new hit “Heal Tomorrow” while everybody was dancing in the pit! As the audience called for more, they reciprocated with 4 more tunes before leaving and encouraging people to go to the bar to taste their last production : the freshly brewed Naive New Beer!


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