The Nobel Prize Academy Finds Bob Dylan impolite And Arrogant

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Bob Dylan

Does Bob Dylan want the Nobel Prize or not? We have to wonder… First NME is reporting that the mention of the prize did briefly appear on his website, however ‘the line disappeared from the site in a less than a day,’ writes NME. And why would he do that? Does he feel shameful due to all the backlash coming from writers and authors who have heavily criticized the choice of the Nobel academy? Just go to Bob Dylan’s website and you won’t see anything mentioning the prize, not even in the news section. Isn’t it bizarre?

But there’s more. Today, a prominent member of the academy that awards the Nobel prize in literature, has spoken and he is not happy according to the Guardian: ‘It’s impolite and arrogant,’ said the academy member, Swedish writer Per Wastberg, in comments aired on SVT public television. The prize was announced on October 13th, while Dylan was playing a concert in Las Vegas, and since that time, he has not responded or spoken publicly about the news. The Guardian even mentions repeated phone calls from the Swedish Academy. Is Dylan rude? And is it a suprise?

‘This is an unprecedented situation,’ added Wastberg as nobody knows if Dylan will decide to come to accept the prize or if he even wants the prize. Didn’t they know anything about Dylan at all? This stuff doesn’t surprise me a bit, Dylan is Dylan after all, the mysterious and eccentric poet who rightly doesn’t think he owes anything to anyone. Pissing off people has always been part of his job and he certainly doesn’t have to be grateful to some self-entitled Swedish committee.


One Response to “The Nobel Prize Academy Finds Bob Dylan impolite And Arrogant”

  1. Dick Destiny

    What’s entitled about awarding around 8 million Swedish kronor? The krona is worth about an American dime which still makes it a hefty chunk of cash money, one you wouldn’t turn down.

    And he couldn’t stop being the usual witless prick one time, huh?


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