The Prince Estate Launches Hit N Run Online Pop Up Store

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Prince has been dead for a while now, and the estate is trying to get more money of his fame. ‘Hit n Run Phase One’ is Prince’s thirty-eighth album, and was released exclusively on the Tidal streaming service on September 7, 2015, but now the Prince Estate has launched a ‘Hit N Run’ online pop-up store at a website address carrying the same name. The first offering of official and authorized merchandise from The Prince Estate is there.

The collection includes classic pieces highlighting Prince’s iconic looks from his debut to the Purple Rain era, as well as  two graphic pieces from UK artist Martin Homent – the first inspired from Purple Rain and the second a silhouette of Prince’s profile cast on the moon. Martin’s artwork was featured on the cover of Prince’s final two albums, ‘HITnRun Phase One’ and ‘HITnRUN Phase Two’. There are a lot of styles so I guess a shirt for everyone, and of course a purple hoodie with embroidered letterings.

If you are a Prince fan, this is probably the site you have been waiting for all your life, and for the first time ever, fans from all over the world will be able to purchase directly from the site.

I went to a fan site to know how difficult it was to get Prince official merchandise, and apparently, beside shirts acquired during tours in the 90s, fans had to go on eBay or worst, Hot Topic, ‘Prince has NOTHING out there in terms of t-shirts for sale’, wrote a fan and there was obviously a void there. How was that possible? All artists and bands have stores online these days, Didn’t he realize it could have been a gold mine? It’s not as if vintage merchandise on eBay were cheap, look here, here and here… $500 for a Purple Rain sweatshirt or a ‘When Doves Cry’ purple tee??

But you are talking about someone who had a shaky relationship with technology and the internet, someone who protected his image to such a point that he sent a cease and desist letter to an artist who created a Little Prince marionette! So selling shirts online was not in his purple vision of the future. But now he is dead and everything is possible, go there to buy your Prince fix.


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