The Rise And Fall Of The Clash, NYC July 5th 2012

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The Landmark Sunshine Theater, 143 Houston St. 7:15pm.

There in a dark theater you will see the long awaited film "The Rise And Fall of The Clash".  A film that takes you on a journey of the only band that matters and tells you in fragment why they dissolved and talks to those who can speak on the topic.

I don't really think I have ever cried watching a preview film trailer before.  Yeah, cried.  Like that drizzle sort of tear thingy chicks do, I totally just did it just on this couple minutes of splicey footage.  I wasn't crying over how really rough Mick is looking these days or even at the thought of there being no Joe tell his side but rather the battering ram to the gut sort of feeling I get whenever I see that band perform together- even if the footage is 35 years old.

I have made no bones about my feelings toward Joe Strummer and The Clash and to see it splayed out like this is nearly overwhelming.  Do you have any idea at all how magnificent this band was?  How there is no way in hell any band since has held a candle to these fools?

Fanatic? Yeah, totally but legitimate.  This was the band that made me smarter and braver how can I not tribute them every chance I get?  I am beyond thrilled that this film is coming to New York and I hope that thing sells out in seconds flat if only as educational tool for those who missed out on their time with us!  I think its part of that CBGB music fest thing but this is the good part- this is the must see part.. and there is no way in hell I will be there.

As much as I love the band I cannot watch too much of it, its too painful almost like family vacation films when members of your family have passed away… its just unbearable to see those days without falling in to some sort of odd depression,  Not so much that I want to return to that time for I surely don't, but I cant allow my mind to spend too much time on memory lane, its just not a healthy place to be and I'm far too busy to get stuck there. 

I have seen "The Future is Unwritten", and still find it impossible to make it through without just sadness. Hell, the same applies to "Rude Boy".  There is so much joy in what they did so much power but there is so much unsaid and so much raw emotion- still cant get it balanced in my soul.

But you? You get your ass to that theater in July and see this sure to be fantastic film.  I can wait for DVD and watch it alone so I my sniffing wont disturb anyone. 


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