The rock nyc Catalog Review: Who Next?

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I have three more albums, plus the Purple Rain Deluxe, and I am finished with Prince’s album reviews. Presley, because of all the posthumous compiliations, goes on into the distance but as far as actually reviewing them is concerned, there isn’t any major revelations, and a lot of them can be dealt with in a paragraph. As for Paul McCartney? I’ll be done by the end of the year (I figure less than twenty albums to go). So it is time for me to look beyond those three artists and decide who to review next. Doing these catalog reviews is very helpful for me personally. The thing is, have you ever looked at a setlist and thought that looks goods and then gone to the show and it hasn’t been great? The reason is because your eyes scan past the songs you don’t know. That’s why all three of these artists, and I am a huge fan of all of them, have been very revealing. The 80s McCartney? I never dug deep before.

So now, who is next? Some choices…

James Brown – I actually started in on Brown but changed to Prince because the early catalog is impossible, I may just accept that I can’t get a handle on the 50s and, in effect, really start with Live At The Apollo.

Louis Armstrong – The same problem only much worse, it is nearly impossible to piece together as albums… maybe at some point I’ll try and do it.

Jay-Z – Not enough albums, with only thirteen it is difficult to be revealing.

Van Morrison – I wrote a guide to Van’s albums a couple of years ago so I don’t think I want to dig deep into every single one.

Parliament/Funkadelic – Between the two bands it would take a whole lotta digging.

Barbra Streisand – In the 70s she became an album artist, but in the 10s it’s all those duets album.

Frank Sinatra – He more or less invented the concept album with In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning, but he wasn’t an album artist.

Michael Jackson: Why? So we can disagree about HIStory?

Elvis Costello – I am very tempted by this one, it is a fascinating catalog…

Miles Davis: I’m not good enough at jazz.

John Lennon: In theory it would be a blast to really review Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions, in reality Lennon died too young to make a serious excavation as much more than a study of the obvious.

Stevie Wonder: Tempting, but really, what’s the point of me reviewing Hotter Than July?

Marvin Gaye: Like Lennon, he died too soon, and like a lot of Motown artists, the earliest albums were iffy.

Smokey Robinson: I can certainly see the attraction here… his solo albums are less well known than Stevie’s.

So, still no decision, though I am veering between James, Smokey and Stevie and the round after that Elvis.


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