The Rolling Stones Have A Hard Time To Sell Their Over-Priced Tickets And Release Low-Priced Seats At The Last Minute!

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I wasn’t able to get a ticket for the Rolling Stones’ concert twice! First their intimate gig at the Echoplex turned into a crazy last-minute lottery and the ticket slipped through my fingers – but to be honest this gig was actually a special treat for all their Hollywood celebrity friends – then I wasn’t able to get any of the ‘cheap’ tickets for their arena show at the Staples Center! Just a little after 10 am, everything was gone, and they were offering me the cheapest tickets they had, at $640,… plus fees!! I passed of course, and I realized I would never see ‘the greatest band in the world’… but $640, are you kidding me?

Now several news outlets are reporting that the sales were not that great for the Stones! It is their biggest tour for six years, Los Angeles was the opening night, Mick Taylor and guests were even scheduled to perform, however hundreds of seats were still available the day of the show, and the NY daily news reports that StubHub had more than 500 tickets available 24 hours before the show. As a result the Stones’ website (and probably many other resellers) slashed the ticket prices at the last minute. One or two days before the show, the $85 button on their website turned from ‘sold out’ to ‘buy ticket’ and the lucky buyers who managed to get some,‘were instructed to line up at the arena just before the show, and were told they would be notified of their locations which could range anywhere for prime seating to further back in the venue’. Meaning that many seats, even the very expensive ones, were sold at this $85 price! I see, another lottery!

AEG, which doesn’t want to admit the truth, denied they were cutting prices and did pretend that the last-minute-released tickets were first thought to have an obstructed view,.. yeah right!

I guess they are gonna to do this for all their future shows, as yesterday it was possible to get $85 tickets for their Oakland gig, so if you want to see them, visit their website a few days before the date, you may have a chance.

This may be a unique (and the last one) occasion to see them, but you have to be realistic, these prices are outrageous, according to someone on Twitter, Mick Jagger said on Friday night: ‘HELLO LOS ANGELES!! Or should I say ‘HELLO Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and certain parts of Santa Monica’??’, so he was totally aware of it, only people from the richest parts of Los Angeles were able to afford such expensive seats! Is it what you want Mick?

The Stones are rich multi-millionaires, their last tour in 2005-7 grossed $550 million, plus they are old, why do they need so much money? It is ridiculous and greedy! There is no musician in the world for whom I would pay this price! According to the Business Insider, this tour is ‘one of the most expensive ever’ and the Stones are totally disconnected from today’s reality, $600 seats in the America of the 99%? It’s only rock’ n’ roll but there is really nothing rock’ n’ roll about this.

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