The Shins', 'Bait and Switch' Reviewed

Written by | March 4, 2012 0:06 am | No Comments


Another Shins’ song unveiled? Wow, after the album’s single ‘Simple Song’, then ‘September’, ‘Bait and Switch’ is the third one we are able to listen to before the release of ‘Port of Morrow’ on March 20th, without counting a live YouTube version of another song called ‘The Rifle’s Spiral’.


In the straightforward video (compared to the previous one), the band is performing the song live during a rehearsal in Portland, and the tune is a rather uplifting one, quite complex to describe, with lots of guitars, a dense pop-rock melody and Mercer’s high vocals. It is far less bombastic than ‘Simple Song’, although the catchy song rushes with an almost jazzy fluidity.


Let’s see, there is still more than two weeks before the release of the album, at this rhythm, will there be anything left to listen to when ‘Port of Morrow’ is out?

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