The Song Remains The Same: Best Tracks 5-12-17 – 5-18-17

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The concept behind this new column is that, as opposed to the singles round up, these are all album cuts. Two years ago I had this huge end of year list of every song I enjoyed -600, 700 songs. The problem is, it was just a list. Next year I plan to have an end of the year top forty songs with mini reviews. Till then, here is the new column…

Tin Foil Hat – Todd Rundgren, Donald Fagen – Much much much better than the rest of the album, this is pure Fagen, a first rate slam of Trump and almost an outtake from The Nightly, the purist of smooth jazz masterworks and one of the great songs of the year.

Two Ghosts – Harry Styles – The album was pretty good, some killa tracks thanks to Jeff Bhasker –poster child for the producer as the power behind the throne. This slice of Americana, replete with slide guitr, is a very clever TMZ come to life, no it isn’t about Taylor Swift nudge-nudge. Still taken at face value, as a memory song, calling you and your ex ghosts without a heartbeat is clever clever.

Idle worship – Paramore – This is a good song off a very disappointing album, a synth pop snoozer that suffers exactly where you are afraid it might: in the song department. It’s like a difficult concept they couldn’t execute. This one is catchy in its own limited way, a touch too busy…

I Wanna be Your Disease – Juliana Hatfield – Juliana is an odd case, she peaked in 1994 and never got better and never really got worse either come to think of it. This sounds so much like she always does, and maybe a little better: the whinge and twinge in the voice, the sullen brooding otherness.



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