The Speedies "Something On My Mind" Reviewed

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"Review a song for me.  "Something On My Mind" by The Speedies.", that's the text I got and this is one of the millions of reasons I love Iman.  With a brutal headache and a writers funk I cant shake, one little line can flip the switch- leave it to him to know me too well. I love a good  trip back in time and this was a perfect band to look up.

Who the hell are The Speedies? From what I can gather they were local heroes with a huge teen girl following around NYC in the 70s.  Not quite the Trouser Press gang but more like neighborhood heroes.  They had brains enough not to get too sucked up in things, cuz wait til you hear what's up with them now.. I'll get to that- first the tune.

"Something On My Mind" is your typical new wave love song.  Oozy and poppy and for new yawk boys they sure do pour on the fake Brit.  Sounding like 'Bowies kid brother' lead singer John Marino had big hair and schoolboy glasses and to me is a bit more Geldof than Bowie but hmm that's just my opinion. 

I remember this type of new wave and still to this day cant figure out how it evolved into the new your punk scene that booted these puffs out of the clubs.  It's sorta sad, I mean look how cleaned up they are.  This video below is a time capsule of the city right down tot he 70s Burger King logo.  Feelin' old yet?  Why is this being called 'PowerPop", if the word pop is short for popular it doesn't fit at all- raise your hand if you were a fan of The Speedies.

I love the whine sort of speak/sing of this genre', its the same for bands like The Waitresses.  Adorable and safe in a time capsule.  Sigh.. time flew.

So where are they now?  Hang on tight cuz here is the lesson- don't get caught up in the seamy side of the business and you can still do great things…

Rhythm guitarist Greg ("Greg Zap") Crewdson is an internationally renowned art photographer and Yale professor, lead guitarist Eric ("Eric Pop") Hoffert helped create Apple's QuickTime software, drummer Allen ("Allen Zane") Hurkin-Torres is a State Supreme Court judge in New York and bassist John ("John Carl") Carlucci works on the business side of Warner Bros. That leaves singer John Marino, who lives and sings in Las Vegas.


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