The Story So Far’s “Out Of It” Reviewed

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Everybody’s favorite Pop Punk problematics, The Story So Far, have returned with a new single for a benefit 7inch. “Out Of It”, the title track of the 7inch was released to much anticipation, being the band’s first single since the announcement of their 2015 Self-Titled record coinciding with the release of “Nerve”.

“Out Of It” comes at a time where Pop Punk bands are dropping singles and announcing records left and right. Competing with the likes of Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep, the heavyweights have a lot of ground to cover should they want to keep their name in the minds of young listeners.


The track opens with a very Radio rock inspired guitar riff. It’s poppy and upbeat and something that the wannabe hardcore bros will certainly two-step to. However, it’s nothing new for The Story So Far. They’ve reached a point in their craft where everything has become formulaic and “Out Of It” stands true to that sentiment. It’s yet another song about how girls are ruining frontman Parker Cannon’s life. A tried and true topic, but one that most people are quite over these days.


They’re clearly capitalizing on their market, the teenyboppers and hardcore bros who still support this group will clearly look past their misogynistic tendencies and problematic treatment of non-men in the punk scene. However, it’s working, I guess it’s working.

The song is mediocre at best, it carries a catchy tune and their signature gravelly vocals, but it doesn’t stand out. It’s bland in composition and follows suit with many other of the bands tracks. Thematic tones carry no emotional weight anymore, it’s as if the band doesn’t really care about what they’re writing, it’s just enough to pay the bills.

Clearly the bills are being paid and then some too, with star mixer Tom Lord-Alge taking the reins on this mix. Frankly, it’s the only saving grace of the track too. Had producer, Sam Pura mixed the track it’d be indistinguishable from any other Story So Far song. I mean no disrespect to Pura’s craft in that statement either, he’s very good at what he does and has incredibly consistence mixes, but the consistency of his mix matched with the blandness of The Story So Far’s writing would’ve made for a forgettable single.

TLA’s mix on the track is crisp and punchy and makes the song a somewhat refreshing listen. It’s definition TLA, which is a good thing, but it’s textbook TSSF which is just horrendously boring after 8 years of the same song written over and over again.

The final redeeming factor of the track is that 100% of proceeds will be donated to The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

For what it’s worth, “Out Of It” is a song you can bop your head to, but nothing more.





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