The Strokes, "All The Time," Video Review

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The Strokes have a new album coming out March 26th 'Comedown Machine'.  I first loved The Strokes, Julian Casablanca and the guys seeming so NY cool when in fact they're really nothing more than a handful of rich kids with daddy bankrolling a dream.

They did good though with "Is This It?' in 2001, one of the coolest warm up at the gym songs of all time but  4 years later "Juice Box" left me cold, their tabloid behavior a bore and when they all woke up to think they were super models they got demoted to the external hard drive.  So, now they're back so to speak and have offered up this single as their 'save the date' card for a brand new album.

The song starts off really well.  I instantly heard the tone of the original Strokes I loved.  The video is an outright bore.  Do we really need another montage of live and backstage antics?  This has to be the most boring theme in video ever.  We have no story line so here is a clip full of what our day is like- well what we want you to see.

The problem is with "All The Time" is the song tanks about 45 seconds in.  BAM like a bad dream it goes from the excited anticipation of new return to a great sound right back into the generic bar band bore that they were at the pinnacle of their last release. 

This being said.. The Strokes are done.  I have no confidence in this album if this single and video are any indication to the sound they are now producing.  There was no growth, there was no return to the original formula instead there was a very obvious an very boring pause in the monotony they have become.

Damn I wanted to love this.


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