The Word Alive, Webster Theater, Monday June 10th, 2013 Reviewed

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I went to The Webster the night of the Miss May I and The Word Alive show.  I wasn’t a massive fan of any of the groups performing, but it would still be fun.  The crowd was light, and you could tell it was because it was a Monday night.  Regardless, the turnout was interesting because it would be intriguing to see how bands responded.

By far the most noteworthy group of the evening was The Word Alive.  Not just for the fact that they were the first band so far I had heard of before that evening, but also because they were captivating from the moment they stepped on stage.  Their presence was stunning, and standing and looking through my viewfinder as they tore into their first song was surreal.  Their sound was so intense and full, filling the room.  The frontman, Tyler Smith, was eye-catching with his mannerisms, great vocals, and superlong hair that’d look like Rollins’ if he’d straightened it back then.

The guitarist Tony Pizzuti was the heartthrob of the evening, shredding away on his guitar and getting a giggle out of every girl in the crowd.  Zack Hansen, the lead guitarist, threw in licks and riffs that made it impossible to not be baffled at the sheer complexity of the band’s sound.  As for the bassist, I was blown away. Daniel Shapiro was either classically trained or has the natural talent of a god, because as someone who believes bass and drums make or break a song, I was beyond impressed.  Luke Holland was his partner in all things perfect with his ability to play a drum kit with such ease in such a difficult genre to be a part of.

The Word Alive

The Word Alive played a decent length set, pulling out all the tunes of theirs that were the heaviest and the fastest, wanting to elicit a big response from the crowd.  I realised about halfway through that this band shouldn’t be playing the Webster on a Monday night- they should be playing it with a bigger band, on a weekend, so they can get the attention they deserve.  I’m not a big fan of metal music, but I know talent when I hear it.  TWA is a group of guys who are more than just a flash in the pan- they’re here to stay, kick ass, and take names.

Catch this band if they’re in the area, because you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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