The Worst Concerts Of All Time

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Ray Charles performing at Radio City, New York on 6 August 1998… for his sins






















1. Ray Charles – Radio City Music Hall – August 1st, 1998 – This set was unspeakable. The Ray Charles Orchestra played 20 minutes of instrumental and was followed by the Raelettes who performed 20 minutes of backup singers singing front-up, followed by a ten minute break and then Ray Charles played the laziest thirty minutes of greatest hits you’ve ever heard. He let his band carry him the entire way. And it was a very expensive lifting. Dastardly.

2. David Bowie – Madison Square Garden – January 9th, 1997 – His 50th birthday gig and it simply couldn’t have been worse. If your idea of guest stars is Billy Corgan and dave Grohl, by all means be my guest, it sure ain’t mine. Lou Reed did play a coupla of songs but he wasn’t all that and even if he had bee, here is what the chump played down the heart of the set: “Battle for Britain (The Letter) “; “The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) ” “I’m Afraid of American” (with Sonic Youth) and “Looking for Satellites”. Still not convinced? The last song of the evening was Tin Machines “I Can’t Read”.

3. Bob Dylan – United Palace – November 18th, 2009 – I actually reviewed this sucker here and lemme tell you, I didn’t bother seeing Dylan again FOR FOUR YEARS, he was that bad. Dion opened and absolutely destroyed him and that was the only time I’ve seen any one -that would include Paul Simon, Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell, I’ve seen Dylan embarrassed by an opening act.

4. Al Green – Beacon Theater – August 22nd, 2012 – I hadn’t seen him in a decade and was frankly shock at how much his attention span had wasted away during this terrible terrible concert. I have no idea what Green’s problem is, but I dunno how a man of God can have performed such a smug self-satisfied set.

5. Lis Phair – April 24th, 1995 – With the first lap of success and in the midst of the Exile In Guyville, she was awful. Playing solo, she was out of tune, arrogant and got into a fighht with the audience that lead to her getting booed. No encore, thank God.


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