The Worst Of Everything: rock nyc Is Not Having Fun With Music…

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Most Overrated Band: The Strokes: The first album, half of the second album, a coupla songs off the third, and everything else is terrible. Live, I once saw Julian Casablanca blow the White Stripes off stage at Radio City WITH A BROKEN LEG, and the Strokes performed one of the greatest shows ever at Governors Ball in 2014. But they sucked headlining in 2016. They sucked at MSG when Elvis Costello blew em off stage. They just sucked all over New York for knocking on two decades.

Worst Band: The Police: Sting is the worst major songwriter of all time. From the bland anthem “Brand New Day” to the bland reggae of “Roxanne”, he is unbearable

Worst Music Website: I hate Pitchfork but at least they have a personality, Spin is last and worst with everything.

Worst Rapper: Logic is terrible as a rapper but he makes a good feel good ringleader. G-Eazy is a faux-rapper in the worst way: a hack on so many levels (he even looks like a punk in the prison twink definition)  who managed to ruin a Britney Spears record on top of ruining everything he touches, including his girlfriend.

Worst Country Artist: It used to be Luke Bryan (whose last album seriously stiffed) but he was so sweet on stage that now it is Jason Aldean. I don’t even like “Dirt  Road Anthem”.  And how terrible was “I Won’t Back Down” on SNL?

Worst Elvis Costello Concert: Yeah, well, I even loved the “North” set at the Town Hall so that’s a tough choice, and he was tremendous Friday night… just not that tremendous… so the worst was last Friday at the Capitol.

Worst Beatles Album: Keeping to UK releases only, and keeping in mind that the worst one would be a Grade: A+… except for “Helter Skelter” and “Back In The USSR,” McCartney did not have his best on The White Album.

Worst Louis Armstrong Album: The last released in his lifetime, the 1970 Louis Armstrong And Friends has him not playing trumpet but only singing on terrible versions of stuff like “Give Peace A Chance”.

Worst Live Performances Impeded By Hard Drugs: Johnny Thunders nodding off on stage at Max’s Kansas City -can’t remember what year -probably late 70s.

Worst Performance At Summer Jam – Fifty cents was so rotten at Summer Jam 2004 that a brawl ensued. This was a major prove it if you can performance, and he couldn’t prove it.

Worst Race Riot At A Rap Concert: Run DMC headlining, The Beastie Boys playing support, at MSG in 1987. Luckily I had a skybox seat from the advertising agency  I work for. Between sets, black and white (male Fans) on the floor were tearing seats out from where they were nailed down and swinging them at each other.

Scariest Moment At A Rap Concert: At a Women In Rap gig at MSG back in 1997, Biggie Smalls was dead just three months, Lil Kim broke down on stage, and Puff Daddy with a dozen members of his security team showed. A very very tense evening.

Worst Performance By A Legend: I caught Ray Charles twice towards the end of his life. He was terrible both times, but the second one, at Radio City, was atrocious… he showed up late, and barely sung or played, letting the Raylettes do all the heavy lifting.

Worst Stevie Wonder Performance: My friend John Duffin invited me to the Prudential performance of Songs In The Key Of Life in 2015, where he got on stage at nearly nine and took a half hour break soon after (Here)

Worst Supergroup: Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, Will Johnson from Centro-matic and M. Ward, aka Monsters Of Folk. Conor was still on a tear in those days, so while they all sucked on stage, Conor saved a killer song for the band, “Say Please”.

Worst The Temptations band that isn’t the Temptations: The Temptations.

Worst Concert Hall: Terminal 5 destroys everything it touches. Three floors and nary a decent sightline.

Worst Modern pop Singer: Dua Lipa looks great but she stinks on levels Halsey hasn’t even imagined yet AND HALSEY IS DATING G-EAZY.

Worst Taylor Swift Recording: That Christmas stop gap from 2007, Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, nice to own it but useless.

Worst Taylor Swift Tour: That 1989 tour was way over the top, she underestimates her fanbase. Also, why won’t she perform older material. When I caught her at Jingle Ball last year she HAD DUMPED “Love Story”!!! No, just no.

Obscurist Taylor Swift Recording: Yup, I missed the 2008 EP Beautiful Eyes but I just bought it so… ps: I know it isn’t a worst. Sorry guys.


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