Thee Oh Sees At Non Plus Ultra Canceled For Over Capacity

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Non Plus Ultra


I was so ready for that show, Fryborg, Prettiest Eyes, and Thee Oh Sees at Non Plus Ultra, but apparently Las Vegas is not the only place where shows get canceled — The Stones canceled their show in Las Vegas when I went to see them a few months ago — but this time it was not the fault of any of the performers.

Non Plus Ultra is an East Hollywood warehouse that has been throwing musical events for a little while, it was my first experience at the very DIY venue and it’s a shame I haven’t checked it out earlier because I live so close! This place is amazing in its DIYness, smaller than I had imagined and even rawer than I had thought, the perfect punk venue, still undiscovered by many… well, not that undiscovered as it turned out.

To be honest, I was a bit scared in the perspective to see these punk bands there, I had just caught Prettiest Eyes a few days ago at the Echo, and they put on an amazing angsty-punk show, and Thee Oh Sees always start a giant mosh pits and endless crowd surfing. So how would this work on this concrete floor, inside this rectangle with nowhere in sight to escape in case of a riot of bodies? There’s not even a stage, instruments are set up on the floor and I was wondering how many people could fit inside.

They said at the entrance they had reached capacity… dah, it’s Thee Oh Sees and they are very popular, but I guess this place reach capacity when there are 30 people inside! So if they managed to sell 200?,… 300? 500? tickets, we are up for a hell of a rowdy crowded sweaty show.

I entered into the self-baptized ‘cave of the far gone dreams’ and found a place next to the inexistent stage, a bit too close for comfort, and waited for about an hour before the first act Fryborg, a one-man band in front of many synths, produced some robotic improv electronics with multi layers of keys, vibrations and beats, while wearing a black leather jacket to rock his updated Jean Michel Jarre electronica.

After his short set, Prettiest Eyes were setting up their instruments when we were told to leave the venue because of an order of the fire marshal, not only the show had reached capacity but we were apparently too many. I thought for a minute he was kidding, but I saw the disappointment on everyone’s face, musicians included. ‘It’s a bummer’ told me one of them, and I saw John Dwyer leaving looking a bit defeated too. What happened? Did they sell too many tickets? Didn’t they know how many people could fit inside before it became unsafe? We will all get a refund, they said, but I was so ready for this show. Thee Oh Sees are way too big for a small DIY venue.

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