These Days: Friday, April 14th, 2017

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Little Triggers: Now that Trump has the smell of blood in his nostrils and has realized that a good bombing hides many a nefarious act, somebody better get him under control and fast. I bet he is kicking himself for not doing it earlier but assume we are in for a rough ride from now on. Plus, the man can’t speak English, his world of superlatives is oration horror. why am I still in shock?

New Music: I woke up today and worked on my Swet Shop Boys review, so I will be anything but early on my round up of new album releases. The new Kendrick Lamar is pretty darn good  (very early take, Grade: B) and the Fate of the Furious is state of the art hip hop plus… Bassnectar? Grade: B+

Old Music: I can’t bring myself to listen to Bon Jovi in anticipation to tomorrow’s gig, I’ve tried and tried but every time I go to play something my hand stops and I put on something else. So I have gone and caught up with Heems solo stuff instead.

Korea: North Korea are threatening to bomb US bases in South Korea, and they can. China is trying to calm things down. And here we stand, folks, this is what we’ve come to. If NK do anything, POTUS will lose whatever minimum amount of self control he actually has.

Death: so sad to see the great Dorothy Mengering, undoubtedly the sweetest thing about the abrasive David Letterman, has died at the age of 95. Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney dead at 84.

More Death: Sure, 95 years old is a relatively long life, I see that, but that’s only because we don’t live remotely long enough. A life time should be around 500 years, maybe more. Let’s say childhood should last 200 years and the rest of it another 600 years. There is no reason for a lousy 95 years of age to be considered a long time, because it isn’t a long time. That is all.

Sports: Mets win their 5th in a row with a 16 inning marathon, and are firmly in first place.




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