These Days: Friday, April 28th, 2017

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Prince: A year and a week after his death, Prince is hotter than ever. Not only was he the best selling artist of 2016, but he released a terrific new EP last week, which was subsequently pulled from the market, his former backup band The Revolution are playing BB Kings tonight, and today he released a first rate outtake circa Purple Rain (Grade: A-). The NPG catalog is still tough to get a hold of (if you don’t own it, it is one of the best reasons to subscribe to Tidal) and, undoubtedly, a lot of what is going on with his music would not be happening if Prince was alive today. It is as if every fight he’d ever had with every major record label was ignored in pursuit of a huge payday. Two morals: the corporation alway wins and don’t die.

New Music: A very strong week, from Mary J. Blige to Willie Nelson, I’ve been surprised that artists I’ve assumed would bite the bit have released fine albums. Even Gorillaz isn’t the unmitigated disaster I was expecting.

Old Music: I just got my Jesus Of Cool tee-shirt and so went back to the album, the Nick Lowe masterpiece. In 2017, what this proves is that rock and roll is dead: every mainstream rock band in the world can not come close to the fast paced, mercurial, effortlessly witty and intelligent masterwork (Grade: A+).

New York: I don’t know why Republican Bo Dietl is bothering to run for mayor, the man is a blabbermouth and doesn’t stand a chance on earth. However, if he went to Ferguson…

The First 100 Days: The thing about recurring nightmares is that when you wake up in them every night after awhile you begin to realize they’re nightmares and get less upset. Not unlike the Trump Presidency. This is the guy who said he didn’t realize how complicated North Korea was till he met with Chinese President. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

Health Bill: Scrapped again.

Sports: Mets in last place, dealing with injuries, poor Met fans fall to earth. Yanks a game out of first. Rangers lost for no reason.




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