These Days: Friday, April 6th, 2017

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Concert: The True Groove evening at Bowery Electric was state of the art in the Spring in the city 2017, and I am working up a full review, but two things must be said: first,  Tomas Doncker has released four albums in succession, from Power Of The Trinity through The Mess We Made as strong as any ever, as strong as Kanye West from 808s And Heartaches to Yeezus, so why doesn’t he play them in a career spanning concert? I love the concept of a collective as much as the next socialist democrat, but that doesn’t mean Donker shouldn’t take and hold the stage and play these career defining songs. Next, the terrific soul singer Lael Summer hasn’t been heard from in awhile and I haven’t seen her on stage in way too long (my review here), last night she sang back up and took a brief solo and stole the night.

Sports: And we are off, the Mets lost and the Yanks lost so, if you are paying attention, that makes the sloppy Yanks 1 – 2, and the .500 Mets 1 – 1.

New Music: Yes, it is the quietest day of the week, however it has been made a lot better by Beth Ditto’s single of the week, for sure. Of the year? It is up there. “Fire” doesn’t just have Beth’s voice, which is enough alone, but a song so addictive I loved it 30 seconds in and haven’t stopped listening since. “get up up up up” is a terrific hook and the bassline is astonishing. Grade: A

Oldies: A great deal of Richard Strauss as I ready myself for Renee Fleming’s goodbye to opera. Also, a LOTTA Big Sean as I ready myself for next week’s Radio City Music Hall gig. Not enough Finally Famous on the latter.  No “Live This Life”? You’re joking me, right? You got two hours and you don’t bother???

The World: Trump is thinking of a greater presence in Syria and that is why I would not be President. If he joins the conflict, he is risking American lives in a no win situation, he can’t help and never has. He can help about as much as the US helped Lebanon in the 1980s, till Reagan came to his senses and bolted. If he doesn’t put boots on the ground, he is supporting chemical warfare. Trump won, Trump owns it. But there is no right answer. Personally, I wouldn’t go near the hell on earth.

The South: Ferguson re-elected its white Mayor two years after riots on the street.


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2 Responses to “These Days: Friday, April 6th, 2017”

  1. Jenny Eisenberg

    Do we really need to keep hearing about True Groove again? Why the obsession with this guy Iman?

    • admin

      of the 25K plus articles I’ve written in the going on nine years of rock nyc, maybe 200 tops have been about Total Groove artists. I’ve written more about Conor Oberst and published vastly more about Elliott Smith. Despite having had quite literally millions of readers over the years, I tend to follow my ears and often forget people are reading at all. I should be more mindful -IL


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