These Days: Friday, February 3rd, 2017

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New Music: The first good week for new releases, starting with the terrific new Big Sean and Elbow’s wedding album. Finally, it is time to shake January off and move forward, ever forward.

Old Music: I’ve been on a Maurice Chevalier kick for some reason. They don’t make em like this great Frenchman any longer, style, charm, wit, and he could sing in English: “birds in the trees seem to whisper Ellen”… or something like that!.

Separation Of Church And State: Trump defining overreach, good luck with that one.

That Raid In Yemen: These guys are in such a hurry to start killing people they won’t even show the slightest patience and instead run in where they need to keep their mouths shut and listen for awhile. Even if you support Trump, this is no way to run a war. The idea is to not cause more damage and the reason you have experts is to, well, shut up and listen.

The Super Bowl: Clearly, the Falcons need to beat the Pats. I can not take Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for one more second. Now I know how people felt about the Yanks in 2000. They are such smug jerks and worse, they are smug jerks who cheat as well.

Concerts: I picked up a ticket for Ryan Adams at the Apollo, the day before I leave for a short break in Las Vegas. Why does it always work out like that??? Prisoner is the sound of the US in 2017, heartbroken with no way forward for now.



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