These Days: Friday, July 15th, 2016

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Arrest This Man: Newt Gingrich, the neckless wonder, suggests deporting American Muslims. This is what fear does, this is how fear disrupts freedom. Newt Gingrich and his ilk are vastly more dangerous to the USA  than the worst terrorist in the world. If they were to get away with that, Mormons are next.

Recorded: Still working my through the new releases, but undoubtedly, the hip hop songwriter PJ’s first album rare will be near the top of the list: everything song is a well polished jewel, “Gangsta” is more than that as well.

Live: Nothing till the Feelies on Monday at Summerstage. Sheena Easton was so disappointing, I am wondering whether to pass on a full review of her BB Kings gig.

Sports: I have three words for you: LET”S GO YANKEES!!!!

Race For The Presidency: Trump picks Pence for VP: “Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, a former congressman and radio host, should help Donald J. Trump shore up his support with socially conservative voters and provide him with experience in how Washington operates.” Me? I bet Pence quits before the first year is over.

Nice: The thing to keep in mind is there is no way to protect yourself against an attack like this, if somebody wants to drive a truck through a parade how do you stop the,. However, I will say something, I have heard that the US is much stricter than Europe (or at least it was) when it comes to protecting citizens against potential terrorists.



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  1. Dick Destiny

    Naw, lot’s bigger ghetto-ized Muslim population in Europe. France is no exception, from the post WWII colonial days when they were still trying to hang onto Algeria to the present. Take a look back, if you can, at the movie “The Battle of Algiers.”
    They did the whole magilla, right down to the torture, which the movie shows in stark relief. Also recall, next to us the French took the lead in bombing Libya for HRC’s sally to get rid of Ghaddafi. If we had the same percentage size of Muslim populations squeezed into slums, you might have seen the same thing here after the decade plus long bombing.


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