These Days: Friday, June 2nd, 2017

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Terrorism: ISIS didn’t invent terrorism (aka war by people without countries), Israel were causing havoc for the British back in the post-WWII Palestine, as, of course, have many other organizations through human history. How about the Boston Tea Party? But the PLO perfected it in the summer of 1972. For the PLO, a minimum cost brought a maximum reward. It was sheer horror as the world came together to compete peacefully at the summer Olympics and the Israeli athletes were murdered. The lesson was deadly. Suddenly, the PLO and the Palestinian question, on the back burner since 1967, were a cause celebre and on their way to Statehood. How did the world expect the PLO, and indeed, everybody else in search of their own country whether right or not, to respond? It was the green light for modern terrorism as we know it. Back in the dark ages, armies would go to a field in the middle of nowhere and kill each other, now we don’t care where we kill people or who we kill. Welcome to civilization, where everyone can be Black September.

The Economy: 138,000 new jobs in May and the Feds are planning to raise the interest levels. The question for Trump is exactly the same as the question was for Obama: how good are the jobs?

Paris Accord: Let the world first drown and then boil, what do I care? I’ll be long gone. However, Trump has eight Grandchildren, you’d think he might care a little.

New Music: What has Halsey got to do with “Romeo And Juliet” and why do I have to even think about it? Because, oddly, while I wasn’t crazy about the singles, the album is pretty good and I am relieved I bought a ticket at Barclays (Grade: B). As Ken Shane of Popdose noted, Arcade Fire named their, admittedly excellent, new single is named after the company they just signed with.The new Lorde is killa dilla -now I’m excited to see her today.

Concerts: Governors Ball, trying to make it there in time for Kehlani…

Sports: The Yanks beat the Orioles in a show of power, that Sanchez-Judge is pretty deadly. Mets lost. Cavs got slaughtered.


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