These Days: Friday, March 10th, 2017

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Death: The UK’s Howard Hodgkins, “one of the great artists and colorists of his generation,” was one of the best impressionist painters of the era. ““On the subject of sitting rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and balconies neither Hodgkin’s eye nor his hand has ever failed him,” the critic John Russell wrote in The New York Times Magazine in 1990. “He is all-seeing on the subject of hotels, restaurants, private collections, public parks, costume jewelry, human exchanges of all kinds and day-to-day weather reporting. Manners and mores, ups and downs, ins and outs — all have their place in his paintings.” Yeah, and it is still those bright colors that seem to sulk messily into life.

New Music: Still early but I can’t claim to be thrilled by anything more or less, though both Laura Marling’s Semper Femina (Grade: B)  and The Shins’ Heartworm (Grade: B-)  are a little better than I thought they’d be. Charli XCX has a new one, though it’s a little too early for an assessment. The New Hurray For The Riff Raff sounds like a goodie on first listen (Grade: B+), a new Shinobi will take a proper listen.

Old Music: Catching up on Green Day before their gig on Wednesday at Barclay Center. I don’t know guys, have these guys lost the knack or what?

Korea: This could be Trump’s real first test, a crises he didn’t have a hand in making. South Kirea have renved their President due to charges of world size corruption and her replacement looks to be improving ties with North Korea which leaves the US where exactly?

Movies: Why was I told “Doctor Strange” – Sherlock Holmes as zen artist superhero (Grade: C), was so terrific. We call it the “La La Land” richter scale of movie loving. If it doesn’t make your head fall off, it must be good.


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