These Days: Friday, March 17th, 2017

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Four More Years: Mayor Bill De Blasio has been cleared of pay to play fundraIsing charges which means we are stuck with four more years of this bozo. Really, you can’t be cynical enough and every time you think you can, you can’t. Donald Manes killed himself FOR THIS?

POTUS: You can get away with many things in politics, but cutting funds to PBS isn’t one of them. Have you read the budget? How much more powerful does the US want to be? I’ll answer that: they want to be able to beat the entire world into submission if necessary. Once you’ve reach that place where you are shutting down the National Endowment For The Arts in order to spend a billion dollars on a wall, you have reached a place where the country has lost its mind.

St. Patrick’s Day: I remember my first St. Patty’s Day, I was working the night shift at a bar on 39th and 3rd in 1980 and I had no idea what to expect. The place was complete chaos, a terrifying night of the living drunk with nary a bouncer in sight. I’ve hated the day ever since and now the war with England is over, and now the Pogues AND the Black 47’s are done with, I don’t have to.

New Music: A lotta new releases but not a lotta good new releases. The Tedeschi Trucks live album is very good, so that’s a shocker. Real Estate are getting the hang of it. But the new Depeche Mode is unspeakable and Rick Ross needs to contact Weitz And Luxemberg.

Old Music: Prince is written (I haven’t posted it yet) and so I am on to Pipes Of Peace, which makes Tug Of War sound like Ram.

Movies: I don’t go to movies as much as I used to -rock nyc takes so much time out of my life that I don’t do anything as much as I used to., but I did get a ticket to see “Beauty And The Beast” tonight. I really like his vest.

The World: “U.S. Says It Struck Al Qaeda; Syrians Say Mosque Was Hit”: and what’s the truth? Probably neither.

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