These Days: Friday, March 24th, 2017

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New Music: This is a terrific week for new releases with two new albums, Mount Eerie’s deeply upsetting and personal A Crow Looked At Me (Grade: A) and Drake’s other voices playlist More Life (Grade: A-)? Either one could be the album of the year. ANd that’s the tip of the iceberg in a great week for both albums and singles. 2017 snaps into place.

Old Music: Reading the Bob Dylan interview on his website sent me back one more time to the Great American Songbook. Also, in a sense that echoes the time we live in, I went back to the new Depeche Mode, old already, to make sure I was right to dismiss it…

Healthcare: Today is the day and if Trumpcare doesn’t get passed we may very well invade Germany. God knows we’ve done it before. It is a terrible piece of legislation that nobody wants, anywhere. There is a fundamental question at work here and that is what is the Government’s responsibility to the people it serves?

Sports: Xavier won… I have no ability to predict College hoops… none whatsoever. I can’t even predict Knicks basketball where the simple answer appears to be: don’t bet on em. The Nets, who I bet against, won. Yes, folks, that’s what it’s come to: the Knicks are terrible. A friend of mine blames Melo… I have my doubts. As long as Dolan owns the Knicks it is all Dolan’s fault.

POTUS: President Trump reportedly regrets making health care reform a priority amid conservative pushback -he must have read my comment…

The World: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak released from prison when he should have been put to death when they had the chance, the thieving piece of shit.

Pitchfork: I am thinking of writing a daily post quoting Pitchfork’s most pathetic moments. So let me start here. From their 2.8 (out of 10 -why not 2.5? No reason -they’re just morons) Divide review: “Ed Sheeran sells trite innocence by the pound. He uses bland wisdom and unimaginative music to ponder the basic good and bad in people around him, without once looking inward.”


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