These Days: Friday, March 31st, 2017

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Your Internet Provider Can Now Sell Your Browser Information: What does this mean? For one thing, if you don’t think you are being spied on anyway you are very very naive. For another, expect a deluge of cheap subscriptions from “Chicks With Dicks” website. And finally, it means you have gone from a trace of privacy to no privacy at all and you can’t do a thing about it. Big Brother is watching and he wants you to buy that charcoal three piece furniture set you’ve been eyeing. And, as always, the moment you want privacy, the most is the moment it will abandon you. I realize you’re upset but if it can be done, it is being done.

Bob Dylan: Always the consummate business, manages to pick up his Nobel Prize for Literature a day after his new album is released. What does this mean? It means that Dylan is as smart as ever, good for him.

Russia: When in the middle of a Presidential debate, one candidate turns to the camera and asks Russia to hack the other candidates PC, it is a little sophisticated to claim surprise that the administration has close ties to another country. hat did you think he meant?

Sports: The Knicks were mathematically eliminated from postseason yesterday. At one point does James Dolan just admit that look, for whatever reason, he is the kiss of death to New York sports. I don’t blame, he has tried for decades to give us a winning team. But now let’s just let somebody else handle it.

More Sports: FINALLY!!! Baseball is upon us!!!! I don’t have high hopes for the Yanks, I’ll be happy if we can just make it to the playoffs. However, if we don’t let’s throw out Cashman and Girardi…

New Music: The new Bob Dylan is certainly the best of a sad lot. New albums by the likes of the Mavericks and Aimee Mann are resolutely mediocre… a real shame.

Old Music: Getting ready for John Adams tonight with nothing but excitement and so listening to The Testament According To The Other Mary.

Concerts: I haven’t written up my Charlie Wilson review yet because, believe it or not, I am still mulling it over. Either today or tomorrow, aka as long past the time I should have.

More Concerts: After blowing off Art Garfunkel to see Green Day earlier this month, I am now blowing off Aimee Mann to see Art Garfunkel April 22nd. Yes, that’s how much I was disappointed in her new album.


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