These Days: Friday, March 7th, 2017

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US Attacks Syria:  As messages go, a surprise attack on the Syrian Air Force is pretty much up there. It appears to me to be a pretty good response to the barbarity, and with any luck will work as a real deterrent: Trump might have a Machiavellian foreign policy, not the ends justify the means but an unpredictability that puts the world on their toes. For Trump it has the added plus of putting the US on the outs with the US at the exact moment Trump wants to be on the outs with Russia. All in all, it is the first unequivocal success by the nascent administration.

New Music: The new The Chainsmokers (Grade: A-) is first class mainstream pop which should take Ed Sheeran off the top of the charts and Future Island, a band I wasn’t crazy about? The  synth poppers with the affected lead singer, are better than I expected on their sophomore album (Grade: B). North Carolina are on something of a role right now. After dissing every single song off the upcoming Gorillaz album, the new single, with Pusha T and Mavis Staples, is excellent (Grade: A-)

Old Music: I’ve been back to Barbra’s “Hello Dolly” in anticipation of Bette Midler in the title role which I will be going to tonight. Bette will be performing the role very well, is my bet, but good luck at singing “When The Parade Passes by” half as well as Babs.

Death Of The Filibuster: It is a little tiring, the lack of any right decision. What will they do when Ruth Ginsberg dies?

Sports: The Dark Knight returns and wins one for the Mets (2 – 1) and the Open is up to nothing much without Dustin Johnson, who is no Tiger but at least something worth getting excited.

Death: The Pope smoked dope still, David Peel is dead. Don Rickles dead… the one year anniversary of Prince’s death.

Concerts: James Murphy: “Put your phones away. That wasn’t a suggestion.” I have suggestion…




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