These Days: Friday, May 12th, 2017

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Babylon New York:  New York City Jails Chief Joseph Ponte resigns. This is the guy who used the company cat for personal reasons, hardly the end of the world, right? But also took it to visit his home for 27 days while claiming to be at work. Now you’re getting warmer. On Riker’s Island the lunatics have taken over the assignment and this guy helped himself to a month’s vacation. Meanwhile, Bill (please Bill, have off the sideburns, it makes me wanna throw up in my mouth) stands by his man while the other shoe drops: Ponte had his internal affairs staff spy on city investigators investigating him. In three years Rikers has gone from bad to deadly and he should have been fired.

Rikers Island – Is more dangerous than holding a rave in Kabul.

The FBI: “In Senate testimony, Andrew G. McCabe called the investigation into Russian election meddling “highly significant” and rejected the White House’s claim that Mr. Comey had lost the backing of F.B.I. agents.” And if you believe that you’ll believe that the relationship with Russia is at its worse since the cold war.

POTUS: Back to feuding with Rosie O’Donnell… what took so long?

China: “The real estate company owned by the family of Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to President Trump, said on Friday that its leaders would not take part in sales pitches to Chinese investors this weekend,” and if you believe that you’ll believe that the relationship with Russia is at its worse since the cold war.

Theatre: Why do theatre critics so consistently overestimate the plays they see? Raves for shows as bad as “Rocky,” “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Groundhog Day.” and beyond are baffling once you’ve seen the show. Incidentally, why do music critics lie about rap. Really, the new Kendrick Lamar? It’s not bad but cmon, it’s not great. I get the feeling there are huge meetings I am not invited to… I can’t wait to read the reviews of the new Zac Brown album.

New Music: Still working my way through the new releases but so far from Zac and Psy to Dreamcar it has been terrible.

Old Music: My big time song of the moment is Spamilton’s :The Film When It Happens,” an uproarious parody of “In The Room When It Happens”.

Amtrak: Most Trains Will Run During Penn Station Work? Unlike now, of course, where it is faster to get to Orlando than Deer Park.

Sports: Tagged out at home for the last out of the game, that’s what happens when the gods of baseball have had enough of you. Astros beat Yanks 3 – 2.


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