These Days: Friday, May 19th, 2017

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Wikileaks: Sweden have dropped their investigation into rape charges against Julian Assange’s which means he isn’t about to be shipped to the States, after causing maximum damage to the Clinton campaign. So hero or villain? Cmon, the man could be the CEO of Spectre no questions asked, he looks like he walked out of a Goldmember reboot and asks like the Crown Prince Of Yuck. I don’t deny the good he did, I don’t deny the great he did in 2010, but since then? There seems to be no policy to his stolen smugness…

Saudi And Israel – A $100B arms deal and an Arab NATO? Color me impressed. As for Israel, he should move the embassy to Tel Aviv: Israel will forgive President Blabbermouth and Saudi are so deep in bed with the administration, they won’t raise a huge fuss. Meanwhile, the fight against Iran will take on a whole new border. Kudos to Trump on this one.

Speaking of Iran: More Iranians have become Christians in the last 20 years than in the previous 13 centuries put together (here). Look, both Sunni and Shi’ites leaders are pretty bad but Shi’ite leaders  are worse. The citizens of Iran are terrified of their government, Jordan’s citizens aren’t terrified of theirs.

New Music: MisterWives (what a terrible name for a band) delivered the pop goods big time today, Linkin Park and Papa Roach are yet another two nails in the coffin of rock and how bad is it? The new Collie Buddz is better than any rock album this side of Blink-182.

Old Music: A steady diet of Ethel Waters is good for anything that ails you, really.

Concerts: very excited to check out Migos tonight, I have no idea if they can do it live. I have no idea whether Future is figured out how to perform over the past year, either.

More Concerts: Pemberton Music Festival cancelled, not issuing automatic refunds… apparently they went bankrupt.

More More Concerts: Drake played Adult Swims Upfront and I couldn’t get on the guet list on Wednesday.

Festivals: Are becoming more like New York Street Fairs every day, the same vendors in the same slots, the same musicians festival in, festival out. This year it is Chance the Rapper

Sports: So now we know, if the Yanks don’t hit they don’t win, and that’s no way to win a championship.

Death: Chris Cornell hung himself… the mind boggles.


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