These Days: Friday, May 26th, 2017

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The Ariana Grande Terrorist Attack: A city is in mourning for its dead and while in theory I am ready to move on to the nuts and bolts as to whether there is a terrorist network in the UK (and by extension nyc) and whether the US police shared info before the UK was ready for it to be shared, I can’t quite do it. There is nothing to be gained by joining too much in grief that isn’t really yours, but it is impossible to put down. When I see pictures of these girls, I see my own Great Nieces, who live across the UK and the US, and it breaks my heart.

New Music 1: You can draw a line from Wu to Kanye to Drake to Gucci to Migos -with a sideline of Lana and Halsey and other serious pop divas: a depressed arrogance that permeates pop with chill insolence and darkness.

New Music 2: say what you will about Hova, at least he enjoyed his cracks, glocks, commas, and bitches… if hip hop is woke, I’m taking my bat and ball and going home.

New Music 3: The new Shakira is pretty good, so is the new Gucci Mane and the deluxe Pepper.

Old Music: Taking a trip down other people’s memory lane with the UK popstar from the 1930s,  Al Bowlly.

Terrorism: Gunmen Attack Coptic Christian Convoy in Egypt, Killing at Least 20…. it never ends.

Trump: Pushing the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way at the NATO summit? What a nasty piece of work, what a horrible, stupid man. Does he understand nothing about human nature?

Death: Nora Mae Lyng, Actress at the Heart of ‘Forbidden Broadway,’ Dies at 66. The funniest show on Broadway (Spamilton is from the same folks).

Sports In Another Planet: PENGUINS 3, SENATORS 2 | TWO OVERTIMES | PITTSBURGH WINS SERIES, 4-3!!! LeBron James Scores 5,995th Playoff Point, Taking the Record From Michael Jordan…. Cavs make the playoffs.

Concerts: A quiet time till Thursday when I get to see the 1975 and the entire next weekend when I have two days at Governors Ball and Sunday night at the Prudential for young The Weeknd.

Jokes: Is it disrespectful to make jokes about Ariana right now? I think if you were joking about the people who died, about Saffie Rose Roussos, I don’t think I could do it. But I read this one and laughed out loud: “If only she hadn’t licked the donuts”.


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