These Days: Monday, April 23rd, 2017

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Mass Transit: New Jersey Rail and AMTRAK are disasters waiting to happen. WIth only one tunnel leading into Manhattan, and that tunner not worked on for decades, everything leading to the worst hub in the world, Penn Station. As it is, a couple of times a year (minimum), there is a derailment, or a broken rail, that strands 100,000s of people at the last moment. It has to end. Either there will be an accident of mammoth proportions or the entire system will slow down to a crawl. Sure, Trump is promising to rebuild the infrastructure, but NY won’t give up its undocumented aliens and so we can expect reprisals.

Oldies: Well, oldies? Hard to define. I was listening to the September 2016 Adele concert at MSG (I tape all the concerts I go to for review purposes), a terrific voice and I have absolutely recovered from my Adele phobia (“Hello” was undeniable), even so and all that said, she never shuts up!!

Newbies: The best moment on the new Kendrick featured Mike WIll Made-IT, so I went back to his debut album released earlier this year, Ransom 2, and I can’t understand why it works with that right featured artist and not without it. The Lil Yachty track “Hasselhoff” is a goodie, and  Migos drop trop all over “Gucci On My” but otherwise, a disappointment.

More Newbies: Did anybody manage to stream the new Gorillaz album? I gave up trying.

Sports: Yanks loss and the Mets lost, but the Yanks lost a squeaker with great pitching and the Mets got themselves swept by the Nats.

More Sports: Lebron and the Cavs swept the Pacers. It is as if there was nothing the Pacers could do at all.

France: As predicted, now there is a run off by right wing Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron, the smart money is Macron though who can tell anymore. We will find out next week.



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