These Days: Monday, April 3rd, 2017

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Sports: The Yanks have now lost seven of their past eight opening days (and six straight), and yesterday’s performance against the Rays was an epic stinker. Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird failed to hit in the clutch but the turkey of opening day was the great Asian hope for the Yanks, Masahiro Tanaka. Nobody would care really, except this failure to hit the ground running exactly mirrors their failure to make the playoffs. 161 games to go…

More Sports: The miracle of Mississippi State ended with South Carolina winning the women’s college basketball finals.

New Music: I’ve been listening to “The Apple Music List,” a preview of pop songs the list makers believe will be hits will be biggies. Calvin Harris seems to be trying way too hard on his “Heatstroke”. It is a Timberlake style disaster, no, but it has too much going on, it rams the good times forcible down our throats (Grade: B).

Old Music: Pushing on the less is more concept for 2017, I am finding little room for my McCartney/Prince/Presley reviews, but I think I will maintain it right now and for awhile longer just because time is so finite and after eight years I am scared of burnout. I’ve had Press To Play pending for two weeks!!!

Concerts: Migos, Rae Sremmurd forced to cancel concert due to overcrowding at University of Southern California… apparently people were passing out and the real shocker is that they actually cancelled it before somebody died.

More Concerts: Craig Finn on Tuesday, True Groove Allstars on Wednesday, and an Alec Baldwin interview on Sunday.

More more concerts: the Eagles Mac Citi Field gigs, the shocker here will be how the Eagles replace Glenn Fry… really, that’s just about the only reason to go. Surely, they should have had Mac and Don on the same day? Amex presale at 10…

Theatre: Between all that there is Bette Midler as Dolly Levi in “Hello Dolly” -it has been getting mixed reviews though Bette hasn’t. David Hyde Pierce as Horace Vandergelder? That’s the role Walter Matthau made his own in the movie and should have a giant warning sticker with the legend “MISCAST” written right across it.

Awards: Jason ALdean just won ACM’s entertainer of the year. DOn’t ask me, I just cut and paste it…




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