These Days: Monday, February 20th, 2017

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Agitprop: So far, pop music has found itself woefully incompetent and the task of resistance to President Trump. The 2010s are not the 1960s and pop music has lost its position as a focal point of anything, least of all political action. Music is television only worse, it exists in a vacuum well inside a mainstream that is ceasing to be all inclusive. Like social media, a side effect of the internet is the lack of a generalized all encompassing sound. The result is that even if capable of sustaining a musical and youth culture revolution, there is no youth culture it is attached to. That may change once Outernational get involved!

President’s Day: Michael Goodwin wrote in the New York Post how if the media intend to be entirely biased in their coverage of POTUS, they better get used to get beaten like a Piñata. My opinion on POTUS is a little more nuance than a Democrat might be, Trump’s problem isn’t that he is a bad President (though he is), it is that he ups the retaliation to a place where even members of his own party have to refute them. The “enemy of the American people” was a repulsive statement, I don’t care what the provocation.

Immigration: The ban on the seven Muslim nations is back on though now Resident Aliens are off the table.

Concerts: So I saved the best for last last week, the conclusion of a five night run of concerts that went “Red Hot Chili Peppers (Grade: C), Ryan Adams (Grade B+), Jennifer Lopez (B-), George Strait (Grade: A) and last night Elton John (Grade: A-). The highlight of the evening was “Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” though he kept to the hits and… well the review will follow soon.

More concerts: Back for my fourth Billy Joel on Wednesday and Ariana Grande on Friday, this week.

New Music: I went back to the Syd album (Grade: B+) and I’ve had a few more spins through Future (Grade: B+) but I’ve mostly been listening to…

Old Music: As you do, I’ve been listening to whoever I am going to see on Spotify and then as I review the show, a recording I made.

Something about Vegas: I was sitting near a Texan couple before Elton hit the stage, and the man, who has been seeing George Strait since 1986 noted that one reason Strait was so energetic is that he wasn’t in the middle of a tour. The most Vegas gigs melton has performed in a year is 34. He was so good because he was so fresh!



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