These Days: Monday, January 23rd, 2017

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Sports: The shellacking Atlanta gave the Packers was a horror sure, and you could blame many things, including Aaron’s newly assigned celebrityhood, but the truth is a decimated defense caught up with them. Meanwhile, the Pats make it look easy and the world’s money is seriously, seriously on the Patriots.

The first Monday in January: Talk about unchartered water, have you ever seen a more aggressive President ever: it’s scary not just for all the obvious reasons, but also because we may be stuck with a President who doesn’t know how to preside.

Television: Yesterday’s Saturday Night Live was pretty good , Aziz Ansari does know to preside,  Weekend Update is always fun when Leslie Jones and Colin Jost get together, Big Sean performed the terrific “Bounce Back” , but best of all was Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata singing “To Sir With Love” to the former President. One complaint, why does no one include the best line? “Why is it, sir, children grow up to be people one day?”. Lulu sings it during the opening credits but it isn’t on the single though that is zero excuse.

New Music: I am readying my “Going Steady” review but I think I put it off for so long I missed its expiration date and am getting sick of em all. Especially “Napalm” which I worshipped on Saturday and now…  Plus I have to figure out how I want to review ALL new albums, my gut says to review less but my heart says either do the damn job or don’t.

Old News: Chaka Khan’s “To Sir With Love” is the one to beat if you’re keeping score back home.

Death: Mott The Hoople bassist  Overend Watts, he of the glitter clothes!


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