These Days: Monday, June 19th, 2017

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Old Music: The ire of Helen Bach will be upon me but now that Bob Seger is on streaming services it is a reminder that the man wasn’t always a plum pudding, indeed there was a time between the 60s and Springsteen  when he was the future of rock and roll. I don’t claim there was a constant sense of genius about the man, but Seger’s reflexes were ace and he also was the essence of stuff that hadn’t particularly passed him by, his old time rock and roll makes more sense today.

Terrorism: You saw the tit, now here is the tat. A man drove his car into a people coming out of a Mosque in the early morning, one dead, 11 injured. But the symbolism? Priceless.

Concerts: I went to see the dreaded Hillsong United Christian Contemporary rock and rollers yesterday. Review to follow (probably I’ll hold it tomorrow…) but it is very loud and man oh man do they have an agenda. Great tee shirt. Finally, a film of the band (Band?) visiting a Syrian Refugee camp in Lebanon is the definition of actions speaking louder than words.

More Concerts: A typical week, Diana Krall on Wednesday, Jason Isbell on Friday, Dead And Company on Saturday BUT the following week it is U2 time!

Sports: Yankees are on a spectacularly rotten .400 run, and have just given up some room in the top tier. They’ve won exactly one game out of seven on West Coast. The Mets beat the Nationals to save themselves from being swept away.

Foreign Policy: Here is a very simple question, why is the US still in fucking Afghanistan, the Vietnam before there was a Vietnam. The Afghanistanis hate the Taliban but they hate us more, we have gained nothing (nearly, we got Bin Laden there) from our adventures there and the best we can do is hang around and hit out at the Islamist extremist at ground zero. But there is no war to be won and no one to prop up. In the land of Pakistan and India, a presence is important but keep it minimal. Don’t surge when there is no road to victory.

Death: Stephen Furst was Flounder, the beloved pledge in Delta House of “Animal House” who threw up on the Dean and killed a horse, died at the age of 63 year from diabetes.




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