These Days: Monday, June 26th, 2017

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BET Awards: “Kendrick Lamar was named Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, Chance The Rapper Best New Artist and Remy Ma  Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Beyonce, for the Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award, Bruno Mars for Best Male R&B/Pop Artist, and Migos for Best Group. New Edition received a special BET Lifetime Achievement Award,  Chance the Rapper the Humanitarian Award. introduced by  former First Lady Michelle Obama. Chance The Rapper is a good guy but maybe Michelle has better things to do with her life then kiss up to hip hop stars.

Trumpcare: If, and it is certainly a possibility, the Senate fails to pass the Health Care reform bill, something will have to give. Obamacare is leaking insurance companies with ever increasing speed and if Obamacare stops working and Trumpcare doesn’t get past, whither next? And if Trumpcare doesn’t get passed, where will Trump get a tax break for the wealthy he so hungers for? It might be pushing it to call this a must win for Trump, but between health and immigration, something better be won.

No Fear: “Medicaid Cuts May Force Retirees Out of Nursing Homes”

NYT Editorial Of The Day: “Get Cancer now, before Congress cuts your insurance”.

Dirty Politics: Did the Dems fake up the Russia File? It seems so and this look into Trump and the Russians isn’t going very well for the Dems.

Concerts: Xxxtentacion has cancelled tonight’s gig at the Highline and I am beyond bummed, I haven’t seen a riot at a concert since Tyler The Creator and friends at Terminal Five. Meanwhile, after U2 it is something of a quiet week coming up.

Old Music: I hope to get around to Paul McCartney’s Choba B CCCP some time today, probably published tomorrow, an oddly disappointing album that should be a majestic masterpiece. I don’t think his band at the time helped too much.

New Music: Lorde is at the top of the charts and I’ve been listening to her a lot as well so that’s a nice little dovetail. She’ll be back here in April…

Sports: The Yanks continue their freefall without a net, losing to the Rangers 6 – 7, I am going to see them July 4th and certainly hope they’ve righted themselves.  The Mets swept the Giants and are currently only seven games under .500.


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