These Days: Monday, June 5th, 2017

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Concerts: Though I have serious doubts as to how being the victim of a terrorist attack constitutes bravery on the part of the city, whether it is New York or Manchester, whatever works I say. The “OneLove Manchester” benefit gig at Old Trafford Cricket Ground was a tightly wound, brilliantly produced, fast paced three hours of nonstop modern pop. Congratulations to Scooter Braun for putting it together so quickly- Grade: A

More Concerts: Fourth time seeing The Weeknd last night and wish I had stayed home, it was just such a drag getting back. The show itself was OK though skimpy time wise and with too many featured guests. At least The weeknd has improved his haircut (Grade: B-).

Mass Transit: A city that can’t move its citizens and visitors is not a city that deserves to be the capital of the world, and New York City can’t get us in or out in any way whatsoever. First, the subway system has become a nightmare, getting a train is a crapshoot and during the weekend is even worse. It isn’t as bad as 1979, it isn’t as dirty and it isn’t as dangerous, but it is as unreliable. And in 1979 it cost $0.50. Today it is $2.75 -that is a 550% increase -nearly double the rate of inflation. What are they doing with all this money? They are paying off retirees. AMTRAK are atrocious and Cuomo has called for a state of emergency. Bike lanes servicing 80,000 people take up an additional line in gridlocked Manhattan and during rush hour pedestrians walk on the streets because the sidewalks are too crowded. It is faster to walk than to take the bus from East to West. There is construction all the time making the sidewalks even narrower and homeless people living on the sidewalks taking up even more room. And as for relief? It took 100 years to open the 2nd Avenue subway. This has become a major crises.

New Music: Not much of a week, I am very late with my album round up because I’ve been at concerts all weekend though what I am hearing on the album front isn’t thrilling me. All Time Low is about as good as emo is getting (Grade: B-)

Old Music: Elvis Legendary and Macca All The Best are coming up, then onto the last lap of Prince. But who after that?

Sports: US Open presale, and the cost for a nosebleed first round is over $200.

More Sports: Cavs are down 0 – 2 to the Warriors, so that’s another bet I’m in the process of losing. Yanks lost, Mets lost. As Joe Torre once noted, just win the series and you’ll get there.

The World:  Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen  have cut off all ties with Qatar. You don’t care? Well, Qatar host the US biggest base in the Middle East and all that united front to combat Islamic Extremists (read Shiites) needs em. But Qatar are stirring trouble by supporting the Brotherhood Of Islam and owning Al Jazeera, often going negative on Saudi and Egypt.




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