These Days: Monday, March 13th, 2017

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Concerts: In  the dog eat dog world of ticket procurement, Depeche Mode and Ed Sheeran have added a late 2010s flip to the trend where you join the fanclub and receive a secret link to Ticketmaster, if you go in straight to Ticketmaster you are screwed. You won’t find the presale. Then you use a unique presale code and the link. It worked perfectly well for Depeche Mode and Sheeran goes on sale at ten. They claim this will cancel out the bots.  There are already pretty good seats for the Sheeran on Stubhub.  Sheeran is not releasing the tickets to the fans till 72 hours before the event!

More Concerts: Micky Dolenz is at 54 Below next week performing “A Little Bit Broadway, A Little Bit Rock And Roll”. The last time I saw him solo was at Bb Kings, a terrific performance which has me seriously consider the pricey, but gorgeous, room.

Preet And POTUS: Apparently Trump telephoned Preet, who refused to take the call because of the chance of ethics violation and got himself fired for the privilege. I am not sure if Preet didn’t overdo the ethics stuff here though if that is his governing concern he didn’t really have much choice. If he didn’t play strictly by the rules, Preet would open himself up to blackmail. As for Trump, I bet he was just gonna tell Preet he had nothing to worry about. And now he does.

Old Music: I’ve been listening to the Green Day setlist and I had forgotten how much I love their catalog. Maybe they are middle aged, weekend punks but they are middle aged weekend punks who can write a song when they are in the mood. No “J.A.R.” but plenty of world class pop punk via Dookie, and even earlier.  Still haven’t gotten round to Prince’s 3121… soon..

New Music: Nothing from Friday has grabbed hold of me yet. I am still listening to HDRXX and Division, it’s been an odd year for me, so much stuff hasn’t done the job but what has done the job has knocked me out. Ryan Adams, Rhiannon Giddens, Future and Ed Sheeran….

Television: I caught Lorde on another bad SNL episode of bland, on a not yet published Singles column I dis “Liability” but didn’t mention how much I enjoyed “Green Light”. “Those great sharks, they have big teeth”. Exactly. I am quite enjoying the reboot of “Time After Time”: HG Wells versus Jack The Ripper in the 21st Century. There was a great effect in the first episode where HG Wells is in the 21st Century, and living in the here and now I didn’t notice.

Sports: The Knicks lost to the Nets in Brooklyn. How do they lose to the Nets? Is this season over yet, can we take our ball and go home?

Weather: Hey New York… a blizzard warning tomorrow. No longer does that mean a day off, now it means a day of working from home.


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