These Days: Monday, March 20th, 2017

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Theatre: If there is a worse musical than “Cirque De Soleil’s Paramour” I haven’t seen it. With all the money at their fingertips, why is this soon to be closing atrocity even on Broadway. As Cirque gymnastics there isn’t enough of it and as Broadway musical there isn’t any of it. The songs are terrible, the acting too wide, and the reason we went their, people jumping up and down, doled out like gruel to Oliver Twist. Finally, the Lyric is a huge theatre. The last thing I saw was the U2 Spiderman musical which at least made good use of the huge room. “Harry Potter And The Cursed Child” is up next and that should end the curse of the lyric, home to disasters like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. Til then, “Paramour,” the story of a Hollywood director and his muse and her boyfriend in some completely imaginary indeterminate past where Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe are contemporaries, is the pits and will be closing too soon. It is the embodiment of why Vegas ain’t Broadway. Grade: D

Death: One of the world of tabloids greatest, New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin, dead at 88 years of age.

Sports: So I went from Villanova to Duke and now Duke have lost. Gonzaga looked pretty good on Saturday.

Legacy: It is hard to know where to begin with Chuck Berry. Essentially, he was the guiding light for the British explosion so how about in the middle?

Concerts: I coulda sworn Eric would have drawn on his vast repertoire solely to honor Chuck Berry. Actually, he didn’t play one song. I am going to see Clapton tonight so we will see.

Music Business: Chance The Rapper paid $500K by Apple for a two week exclusive and a commercial.

Betting On The Stock Market: Have you ever done it? It is a scary ride, ask Bill Ackerman the investor who lost $4B on Valeant Pharmaceuticals International as it went from $262 per share to $11.

New Music: Steadying myself for my Singles column, but Drake has taken over much of my free time with More Life (Grade: A-), a masterful dance hall meets rap and r&b album that should give Sheeran a serious run for the top spot next week. The singles? I dunno but Brad Paisley might wanna stop the “Heaven South” stuff for a little while as the country reels and adjusts from being a new beginning to the empire strikes back in a rush into the history books that began in 1945 .

Old Music: The Eric Clapton setlist and Chuck Berry. But Berry isn’t like when say Bowie died and people went in search, Chuck’s songs are part of our DNA and so there is no reason to listen, we already do. Bob Dylan released his first album 55 years ago today.

Movies The “C+” “Beauty And The Beast” is on its way to making $1B worldwide. It cost $300M Now, that’s what I call a return on investment.

POTUS Approval Rating: Is at 37%, which is what happens when you are no one to everyone. He is lucky Congress will save him from some of his follies.






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